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Sunday 27th February

27 Feb

I couldn’t resist a very quick post today to say weight is an impressive 38.1kg today, Im happy with that πŸ™‚


Saturday 26th February

26 Feb

Hello! Not a lot to say today apart from that this week has seen lots of discussions and changes and for the moment I am not going to be moving to the uk. Still going home on Monday though which I am very much looking forward to!

Yesterday I had some oxygen tests and got a rather cool new piece of equipment. Rather than wearing a mask or nasal canulas I now have a “Britney” headset. It’s actually called an oxyarm but i prefer my name for it. It looks like a microphone headset and it just diffuses oxygen in front of my mouth but doesn’t touch my face. Much nicer to wear. It’s a brand new idea they are trying over here and my sats are just as good on it on less litres of oxygen than the mask so happy days! πŸ™‚

Phil is away this weekend, watching an Everton match so hope they win! Quiet weekend for me to make sure I am still well for Monday and fish and chips takeaway tonight with my parents and Edgar which will be nice.

Next update will hopefully be from home! πŸ™‚ xx

Tuesday 22nd February

22 Feb

I managed to get out to the park on Sunday too, without Disney or Mum this time, just with Phil which was nice. Been very tired since so slept lots but no problems so far.

Now I hardly dare blog this in case I jinx it but I’m going home on Monday! πŸ™‚ The doctors want me to try being independent of the hospital before I go off to the uk which I think is sensible too. I have been here for a long time so will probably feel a bit scary at first without the hospital safety net! I cant wait to be at home though with Phil and Disney so keep your fingers crossed I can stay well until then!Β 

Plus I can finally sort my blog out with pictures etc and finish it off!


Saturday 19th February

19 Feb

It’s not been a great week or so, hence the lack of posts. I haven’t been ill as such but had quite a few different problems and side effects with the drug levels so wasn’t feeling too well at all for most of the week. Breathing has also not been too easy. I’ve also found things difficult mentally this week. Every so often I just have a week where I don’t cope so well with everything and this was definitely one of them!Β However the majority of that has now been sorted and the last few days I have been feeling much better πŸ™‚

Today was very exciting, in preparation for being able to travel to the uk, which they are hoping might happen soon while I’m well-ish, I was granted an hours leave from the hospital both days this weekend. Today I just went across to the park opposite with Mum, Phil and I got to see my little Disney πŸ™‚ I have not seen her since new year and have missed her so much. It was lovely to have a cuddle. She actually did very well and pretended to be interested in me rather than everything else going on in the park! My ears got a good clean too!

Now back in my room having just finished a whole plate of lunch (I was really hungry after my big trip!) and about to have some chocolate buttons and a rest. Very tired but feel so much better for having some fresh air and a change of scene. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow too.


Wednesday 9th February

9 Feb

Hello! Thought for once I would post some good news and no moaning!

Weight today is up to 37.4kg πŸ™‚

Also just to answer a few questions that a lot of people are asking:

It’s great for you to text me now, when I said on an earlier post please don’t text, I mean when I have my operation. I’m using my phone at the moment, just don’t always reply very quickly but always Lovely to hear from people!

And unfortunately I’m not having visitors in hospital apart from immediate family. I still get very tired each day and we are struggling to keep me well and germ free as it is and every extra person is an unnecessary risk. Thank you for all the offers though and look forward to seeing you all as soon as I can!


Tester from Kim!!

8 Feb

Sunday 6th February

6 Feb

Good news first: weight up again to 36.7 kg, that’s more than when I left hospital the first time!

The bad news is I am still seemingly nowhere near well enough to get home. Yesterday (in typical weekend style when no doctors around!) brought signs of another infection with a higher temperature and not feeling well. Breathing was not easy either so back onto a new round of iv antibiotics- I only ever seem to manage a couple of days without a tube in at the moment!

Anyway, we plod on…. Still eating at the moment which is good and the best news of all, actually got some sleep last night which was very much needed! πŸ™‚ xx