Saturday 26th February

26 Feb

Hello! Not a lot to say today apart from that this week has seen lots of discussions and changes and for the moment I am not going to be moving to the uk. Still going home on Monday though which I am very much looking forward to!

Yesterday I had some oxygen tests and got a rather cool new piece of equipment. Rather than wearing a mask or nasal canulas I now have a “Britney” headset. It’s actually called an oxyarm but i prefer my name for it. It looks like a microphone headset and it just diffuses oxygen in front of my mouth but doesn’t touch my face. Much nicer to wear. It’s a brand new idea they are trying over here and my sats are just as good on it on less litres of oxygen than the mask so happy days! 🙂

Phil is away this weekend, watching an Everton match so hope they win! Quiet weekend for me to make sure I am still well for Monday and fish and chips takeaway tonight with my parents and Edgar which will be nice.

Next update will hopefully be from home! 🙂 xx


One Response to “Saturday 26th February”

  1. Jackie February 27, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    Hi Kerry,
    Good to follow your progress on the blog and I look forward to seeing a pic of your new trendy headset!

    We’ve been in the UK this week, catching up on our daughters’ lives and visiting Edinburgh and York with Will.

    Good luck with the move home tomorrow – and hope you can remain bug free while you’re there. xx

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