Tuesday 1st March

1 Mar

Firstly and most importantly I am typing this from home! 🙂

Had a rather frustrating day yesterday, still hadn’t had much sleep for quite a few nights and although my chest is clear I do have a bit of a cough starting. First of all they decided to keep me in until wednesday and then they changed their minds that I should go but they will hold my room for 48 hours to see if I’m ok at home.

I was happy with that decision as really wanted to get home but obviously not taking any risks. 

My transport was booked for 2pm so Phil came and cleared my room and I got all ready and then I sat there ready to go for over 2 hours waiting to get picked up. It was very annoying and I was really tired by the time we started leaving.

Anyway, the ambulance men were lovely and the journey all went smoothly, Disney was really pleased to see me and keeps coming over for little cuddles which is lovely. Phil doesn’t but I think he is pleased to have me home too! 😉 I should mention the house is looking great and has obviously had a sort out while I’ve been away so well done Phil…. Just hope all my shoes have made it through the cull!

I slept like a baby last night, all through the night which I don’t often do and all seems fine so far. Just watching the cough and obviously I still have a lot of sleep to catch up on.

Weight today is a whopping 38.7kg, let’s see if I can get over the 39kg barrier soon which I haven’t been anywhere near for a year.

Will update soon when I have more news but for now it’s just relax and enjoy being at home xxx

One Response to “Tuesday 1st March”

  1. Mim March 3, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    Hello My Little Kerry Bell

    So gald to here that your journey to get home went smoothly andyou yourjoying your home comforts again. Weight gain is definately impressive and very well done to you. My Mum sends you lots of love and has been including you in her weekly candle lighting and prayers as she does for all the family 🙂
    The boys are fine and Dylan has now gone up to Cubs which he is very happy about and Zak is still causing toddler pandamonum in our house!!! I will send you some pictures….promise. Lots and lots of love to you Kerry Berry and will talk again soon xxxxx
    PS – Would Phil like to cull my house!!!

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