Friday 11th March

11 Mar

Im a bit fed up I’m afraid! Not going to moan too much but it’s not been a great week breathing wise, haven’t actually been ill but breathing has just been very hard work and so I get incredibly tired. Thankfully I have been sleeping well so that’s going to help me get on top of it hopefully. Feeling a bit better today 🙂

With breathing being difficult, I have been struggling to keep the eating up and have therefore lost weight since coming home. I got my new scales yesterday and was slightly depressed by them. I’m 37.1kg today so not great. The thing is not to dwell but just keep eating- this is exactly what happens with lung disease, it’s a constant battle to keep the weight on because of all the energy you use breathing. Im really pleased to be at home but i do think it is harder work and making me a bit more tired.

I have come across a brilliant story ‘the spoons theory’ which sums things up pretty well I think! Follow this link and have a read:-

I have seen a specialist respiratory nurse today who will visit and monitor me at home which is very helpful.

So that really brings another week to a close, will be spending this weekend resting and eating…. Oh and listening out for that phone call!! Xx


2 Responses to “Friday 11th March”

  1. Gerry Padden March 14, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    Hi Kerry

    Did not realise the breathing difficulty made you lose weight lovely lady…..keep on keeping on…….keep eating, we are all shouting for you!
    Love and hugsfrom the Padden crew xxxx

  2. Gerry Padden March 14, 2011 at 11:03 pm #

    Hi again Kerry

    Just listened to the spoon theory……..I wish you many spoons and may you always remember to keep one spare one in your pocket or your handbag!!
    the Padden crew xxxx

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