Friday 18th March

18 Mar

This week has been quite a bit easier, breathing seems more settled and I am getting a good amount of sleep. Eating well and weight finally up a bit to 37.4kg.

Had a bit of a shock when my iPad didn’t work- I was internet less for 2 whole days and had to find something else to occupy my time! So Mum and I have been filing nearly 2 years worth of paperwork this week, it’s been tiring for me and all I have had to do is boss about! We have done well though and I’m feeling very organised and even better I now am back online 🙂

I watched my first bit of tv in 2011 this morning and watched the end of Chris Moyles, I really like him. Think I would like to meet him, more than most celebrities anyway! 

Think that’s about all I have to report for his week, apart from I have started a transplant sweepstake! Guess the day of my op… £5 a go and the money goes to the winner or a lung charity. Anyone interested then let me know! Just a bit of fun really… But I need the £5 before il write your date in- I’m being strict with the rules otherwise it will all get too confusing!

Hope you have all had a good week! Xx


4 Responses to “Friday 18th March”

  1. Ying Ying March 21, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    when did you start gambling?!! but im liking it. def a bit of fun and keeps you occupied but a fiver is a bit rich?! at least with 2 quid I can have at least 5 guesses instead of 2 at 5 quid. I will have a think and get back to you that!!
    and it should go to the charity of your choice.
    PS keep up the good eating and sleeping and breathing! miss you xxx

  2. Jackie March 22, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    Well done for keeping focused and getting some weight back on again.

    Extraordinary to think of breathing as being hard work, when for most people it’s just an involuntary action we don’t even notice ourselves doing…you are in such a different world at the moment! Good to be reminded of what we take for granted…

    From what you’ve said, is watching tv an effort also? I imagined you spent most of your time doing that (when you’re not on the ipad or sleeping, at least)!

    2 years of paperwork filing is an impressive achievement – directing the enterprise must have been exhausting!

    Will drop an envelope round with a contribution to your sweepstake. Perhaps you could choose a number of dates that seem ‘auspicious’ to you and pull one out randomly for me.

    Love from all the Matthews

  3. Sue Devereux March 23, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    Hi Kerry

    April is my favourite month so a fiver on any date you choose. You can have my birthday if you like (15th) but my vote is for the winnings to go to a charity or other worthwhile cause.

    Rubbish news here. The golden retriever breeder decided to keep a puppy from the litter when she saw how lovely they were at 3 weeks and has notified me that my pup is no longer available for purchase. Grrrr.

    And then my book was rejected as it stands. The publisher met with me today and gave me constructive suggestions that will improve the chance but still wont guarantee acceptance, so I am not sure I can be bothered to do it again right now.

    The GOOD news is that my animal chiropractic course was brilliant and I can see a new way of helping my patients in the future.

    Tell Mum that Daisy is still alive and happy. She’s costing Ro lots of money with her heart medication but is much loved.

    Stay strong and well for the big day – which date are you going to choose?

    Lots of love
    Sue x x x

  4. Jane March 24, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    Hi Kerry,

    I’m glad those new scales have settled in and learned the rules!
    If it would make things happen I would pick tomorrow and gladly pay to re-new my vote each day. However, I realize I must leave some dates for everyone else; will send cheque and date.
    If you can file 2 years of paperwork in a week I need you over here. I get tired just looking at all the “stuff” piled into wavering columns, so I am very impressed with your efforts.
    Are you collecting good wishes from around the World, Jim sends his love from Prague this week. Our house is a bit like Where’s Julius at the moment. Do you remember that book? ask your Mum, she gave it to us.
    Lots of love,
    Jane & the boys

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