Saturday 7th May

7 May

Today was my sweepstake day, 7th May. There is now only 45 mins or so left of the day and I’m in bed in jersey- a transplant is therefore not looking very likely! I’m a little bit gutted I didn’t instinctively know my date and get it right (was secretly hoping I would!).

Anyway never mind, tomorrow is a new day and may be the one….

Other news, my weight is creeping up. Am 37.6kg today which is fairly decent, still go a way to go though really to hit that 40kg.

Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend. I’ve just popped a sleeping pill so will say goodnight for now! Xxx

One Response to “Saturday 7th May”

  1. Sue Devereux May 8, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    Hi Kerry

    Just got home – the end of day 4 of the second module of my chiropractic course and my brain is so full of new information. As light relief I went to see a stand up comic in Southampton when lectures ended – not usually my sort of thing but he must have been good because I laughed a lot – many more times than the 5 a day which is normal for people in their 50’s (according to the Daily Mail). I’d like to share some with you but as I can only remember the rude ones they would probably censor my comment!!

    I’m sorry you were disappointed but it’s probably because my next day is Tuesday so I hope your bags are packed.

    I’m taking Rafiki to the course tomorrow to be checked over by the expert chiropractic tutors. Her latest trick is that she has learned to jump the 4’6″ fence round our garden and goes off for adventures on her own. On Wednesday the man from the Freedom Fence company is coming to install the fence at an estimated cost of £500!!! I have had it pointed out to me that it would be no more expensive to get a new dog 🙂 However, she just disregards my threats with constant wags of the tail. Should have got a Cavalier instead!

    Must go to bed now as I see it is gone midnight and I have to leave at 7 am as lectures start at 8. Bye for now and lots of love, Sue x x x x

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