Sunday 12th June

12 Jun

This is a little fill-in post as I went straight into the Harefield news last time!

The boat trip over all went very smoothly, there was actually potential for great disaster as the boat actually left over 2 hours late and everyone was only boarded about 11pm- apart from us! We boarded straight away at 8pm with extra staff to help us, got all nicely set up in our cabin and we sailed round jersey waiting for the harbour to be ready to load everyone else. I was asleep before we even properly left! I felt a little bit queasy to start with and at the very end but apart from that no complaints at all. Again with disembarking, we were called first and they had turned our cars round for us so we were straight off! A short, uneventful drive followed to Aunty Jane’s house and we arrived there about 8.30am I think- all far too good to be true and I can’t praise the condor staff enough.

We then had a very nice relaxed Sunday and Monday, just unpacking and resting. Then on Tuesday, I surprised myself by wanting to go out. We drove to a big Tescos and spent ages in there, getting a few bits for my room we had forgotten and a supply of sweets for phil of course! (for those of you who don’t know my husband, he only eats haribo!). The sad thing is I really enjoyed this outing, it has been so long since I went to a shop and had a look at what I want! 

I also managed to get my new uk mobile sorted although was getting tired by this point and stopped listening to the salesman. He ended up giving us a rubbish deal but it was only a pay as you go so I have ordered a better sim online which should come next week. If anyone doesn’t have my new number, my jersey one is still working. All iv got to do now is learn to text on my new phone, I am so slow at it!

This weekend has been eventful, my cousins 21st party was last night, it appears to have been a great night. I’m afraid I stayed tucked up in my room (not from a lack of invite but wasn’t having a good breathing day unfortunately). I have now switched one of my nebs back to my spiriva inhaler which has really helped me.

Also I want to say a massive congratulations to my good friends Gem & PJ on the arrival of their gorgeous daughter this morning, Sienna. Can’t wait to meet her xx huge well done Gem xx

The other thing I need to share with you is the new love in my life- Giant chocolate buttons! I am seriously addicted. No joke I have eaten a whole big packet (one of the sharing packs) everyday since I have been here. 580 calories per bag. Enough said! Luckily they are half price in sainsburys at the moment!

Finally, my appointment to meet the transplant surgeon is Thursday this week. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I will let you know the outcome in due course….. Just having a few quiet days until then to make sure I’m on top form. Phil will be back Wednesday evening which I’m looking forward to cos I miss him! 

Lots of love kerry xxx


Phil busy sorting my new room!


3 Responses to “Sunday 12th June”

  1. Gerry Padden June 12, 2011 at 11:36 pm #

    sounds good so far Kerry especially the extended boat trip you were so worried about!

    Keep eating the chocolate buttons they are really good for you and your weight it would appear at 580 calories a bag……if you run out of cash for the chocs, give me a shout and I’ll give you a sub!!!

    Keep smiling, Thursday will be fine!!

    Lots of love

    the Padden gang xxxx

  2. Alison June 12, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Thanks for filling us in on all the details Kerry! Glad to hear all has gone well so far. Will be thinking of you on Thursday. Lots of love, Alison and family xx

  3. Mim June 13, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    Hi Kerry

    What a great blog!! Love the giant chocolate buttons too…The one time in your life when a bag a day is good for you!!!!

    So good to hear the trip went well and Condor looked after you so well…I am impressed!!

    Good Luck for Thursday Kerry….we will be thinking of you but I am sure it will go really well for you 🙂
    Loads of Love
    Mim & Boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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