Monday 4th July

4 Jul

4th July: Independence Day in USA, and yet tomorrow marks the official anniversary of my being placed on the active waiting list for a double lung transplant! Hmmm, somehow the dates don’t seem to fit together….!

Anyway, it has now been a month since I left my home in Jersey to temporarily relocate to the Uk. It has flown by but not uneventfully! But overall, I am so pleased to have made the move.

I think this would be a good time to say a massive (ongoing) thank you to Jane, Jim, James and Jacob who have been so kind and opened their home up to us and all taken turns filling gaps looking after me etc. You have all been great, thank you and it’s been lovely spending time with you all again xx

This week started off lovely with a visit from Kim but unfortunately Edgar did not make it due to a cold. He did however, send on some all important giant chocolate buttons so brownie points to him (although would rather have seen you Ed 🙂 )

Health wise, it’s been a mixed week. I have been recovering from the chest infection nicely. Been less breathless each day and apart from the evenings when I’m tired, I haven’t had too much pain either. Mabel has been helping me with the walking and I have been really strict with my exercises and feel my legs and muscles getting stronger already. Steroids are reducing now and hopefully not much further to report until my clinic appointment next Wednesday at local hospital to check everything has recovered. I have had a few other little health niggles this week which I won’t bore you all with on here but they haven’t been very pleasant and have made me a little miserable!

Had a visit this week from Frances which was lovely and Phil has just left after being here for 4 days. He is in Jersey now for the next 10 days which I think is the longest we have ever been apart. Let’s just hope absence really does make the heart grow fonder…!

The question is, will it be me he is missing?! 🙂

Life's been tough for poor Phil this weekend!

I don’t really have very much to tell you this week I’m afraid, it’s been quiet, keeping cool & rested, and i’ve read lots of books. Mum is back tomorrow night which will be great, feels like ages since I’ve seen her! Hoping to see Dad this week at some point too.

Finally and most importantly, this week is NATIONAL TRANSPLANT WEEK!
Please sign up to be a donor and spread the word…. Thank you 🙂



One Response to “Monday 4th July”

  1. John Wileman July 4, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    Thanks for this latest news Kerry. Being warm, I decided to go and have my three year beard and moustache removed today. Your Dad was in a chair in front of me – and one of the hairdresser’s basins had a leak. Dad recommended a spanner from a local garage – and then settled down to doing the job himself. Keep us posted; – you’re on my prayer list pretty well daily – and on the St. Ouen Prayer Lighthouse agenda. Have courage.

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