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Important Correction!

28 Aug

Just needed to say that my weight is actually 42.1kg today. That is by far the heaviest I have been and was a target I never thought I would reach! Very pleased 🙂

Now I’m off to have some more birthday cake! xx


Saturday 27th August

27 Aug

Hello, I have finally got round to updating my blog…. There’s nothing like a list of thank you letters to get you doing other jobs! ☺

So yesterday was my 29th birthday and I had such a lovely day. I had spent all week feeling really grumpy and disappointed that I still have these useless lungs, (we had all secretly set my birthday as a deadline that things would be different by). But I really had a great day, I was thoroughly spoilt- I have never seen so many presents and cards, everyone is so kind and thoughtful- I am quite overwhelmed. The biggest and best thing of all though was my 2 surprise visitors….my Dad and DISNEY!! There had obviously been a lot of sneaking around and planning going on, to which I was completely oblivious. Thank you Mum and Dad- what a great present xx Mum kindly took a picture of my reunion with my baby (I was so excited I actually let the camera out so early in the morning!):

Surprise visitor!

Family Reunion!

So lovely to see her, I had been missing her so much. It was Aunty Jane’s idea and I owe her a massive thank you for allowing Dis to come and stay- she already has enough Dingle / Maletroit intruders!

So I had the morning until 2pm with Mum, Dad and Phil, then my parents left. About 4pm, Jane and Jim came home and we then had cake and supper all together with my cousins James & Jacob too. Im not sure if I have mentioned on the blog before that for the last 2 months the only meal that doesn’t give me bad reflux is Jacket potatoes. I have one EVERY night! So last night we all had jacket potatoes in my honour… not sure the men were too impressed but it was a sweet thing to do.

I went to bed exhausted but very happy last night, yesterday was a lovely timely reminder that I am a very lucky girl and have a lot to be thankful for ☺

Here are some more pics of my birthday:


Dizzy helping!

Hard at work!

My birthday cake!

Decorated all by myself 🙂

Dad & Phil

Now I need to fill in the gap from 15th August until today. If I had written an update last week, I would have moaned. But you are in luck today because I am still on a birthday high! Really the last 2 weeks have been pretty hard work, I haven’t been feeling great and my breathing hasn’t been easy.

I only went back to Physio this Thursday so that was a whole 2 weeks off which isn’t great. Especially when I only missed the Tuesday one because I had a panic attack and wouldn’t go in the car… that wasn’t a great day. Most of you will know how much I suffered with panic attacks last year and I worked really hard to overcome them. I still have to work at it most days but I haven’t actually let myself panic for about 6 months now so I am really disappointed that I took a step backwards. The good news is I managed fine on Thursday so hopefully I haven’t completely regressed.

I have been finding the Oromorph medication very useful, it really does settle breathlessness and I’m sure it helps with my chest pain too. I am rationing myself on it as I don’t want to get too used to it but its great to have something to help a bit more when I am struggling.

I am going to label August 2011 as “Spider month”. Oh my goodness there have been some big ones. They seem particularly attracted to my slippers and this is not fun! There have been some very comical moments and fair play to Mum- she has been very brave. 3 nights in a row I made her move one from by my bed. They are those really horrid big black ones with long stretchy legs and they move so fast. Eugh it makes me shiver thinking about them!!

The last few weeks haven’t been particularly busy as I have just been recovering from the last illness but highlights include seeing my friend Leanne and her husband Donald for an evening, my Nana and Pompa came to visit too which was so lovely seeing them and also more Aunt, Uncle and cousins- the Dingles ☺ Great to see all of you thank you xx

I want to also say a HUGE thank you to my lovely mate Mim, who took a long day out of her very busy life to fly over visit and cheer me up and also give me a fab hair cut. She knows what a star she is because I have told her lots of times, but a million thank yous Mim- you are soooo kind xx

Here are some hair cut pics:

And my new glasses:

A little bit of birthday excitement!!

Love my new prescription sunglasses!

Overall this week, I am feeling much better. I started sleeping again which was a big turning point and I have lost a little of the extra weight but am still 40.8kg so pretty happy with that.

I also wanted to mention that both Kim and Edgar have started new jobs last week- good luck guys, hope they are going really well! And Tom just keeps going on holiday- lucky boy! Xx

Finally I have some plans for next week, unfortunately they are not exciting. I have only just been told that I have to go to the Brompton hospital in London (Harefield’s sister hospital) for a review. The respiratory care team here felt that I could do with a proper review given I have been struggling for a while now. They are taking me as an in-patient for 5 days (not sure if I am happy with that!). Hopefully they will come up with something helpful and I know I will be trialling the non-invasive ventilator. They provide your body with a really good rest, which at some point in the foreseeable future will probably become a necessity. They are not easy machines to use and tolerate and I have struggled when I have tried them before. Hopefully by the end of the 5 days I will be able to use them.

Wow what an essay of a blog… well done if you have reached the end!! So now I am going to enjoy the weekend with Phil and Disney and I will be back in touch after my Brompton stay and let you know how it all went!

Hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Love Kerry xxx

Bored of Mummy doing her blog!

Settling in nicely...

24th August 2011

24 Aug

To my lovely blog readers!

My job this afternoon was to write a nice long update for my blog. There is so much I want to write from the last week or so but it’s proving quite difficult to get started- I need a time when both my head and body are both up to doing their bit – and this doesn’t happen often at the moment!

This very quick post is to apologise- I failed. I did quite a few other things that needed doing though but it was at the blogs expense. The next few days are pretty busy too so it may take a while.

Anyway thats all for now Im afraid- Im off to bed as I have physio tomorrow. Just wanted to reassure you that I’m at at home, and all is fine (famous last words!!!) I know lack of posts make some of you worry!

Check out my new ‘Medication Page’ if you want something to send you to sleep 🙂

Love Kerry xxx

Monday 15th August

15 Aug

Blog time again already, these weeks are flying by!

Last weekend I mentioned a pain in my side on my blog, that naughty little pain turned out to be the start of another chest infection…. Where do I get them from?!

 I am very pleased to say that we have managed this one at home and have not required hospital assistance. My GP is so lovely and helpful and I didn’t realise they can do xrays there etc. So I had the main tests that the hospital would have done anyway.

So basically all I have done this week is rest and try to breathe! Had a bit of a step backwards this week and had a panic that I haven’t had for a long time. I’m disappointed as I thought these were behind me.

 My weight is fantastic at 41.4kg although I think I may be carrying a bit of extra fluid at the moment (from the look of my hands and feet) so not sure how reliable this figure is, although it’s definitely going in my chart! 🙂

It was lovely to see some Dingles, looking forward to resuming our catch up this week when you are all looking a little less green from the ferry!

Really can’t think of much else to tell you today, sorry all very boring!

 I will go back to physio tomorrow so am conserving all energy possible today, I had no idea it was possible to feel so tired after not really doing much at all!

Thank you to everyone who sends me messages, cards, emails etc. It’s always so lovely to hear from you and I do my best to respond but sometimes don’t quite manage it sorry xxx

Sunday 7th August

7 Aug

Wow so it’s August already! Not sure how I feel about this- this time last year I had lots of ideas of what I would be doing by this August and none of them included still being poorly. Anyway, you will be pleased to know that this isn’t going to be a moany blog today!

I had a lovely couple of days with Tom staying (the brother without the tattoo!) and I also enjoyed a visit from the Chevassuts- very kind of you to drive to see me thank you 🙂

On wednesday I achieved something good. I went to specsavers and got my eyes tested. I have been needing to do this for about 18 months when I stopped wearing my contact lens. These glasses I wear are so old, i don’t like them and they are definitely not strong enough which wont be helping with headaches etc. Chose some cool new glasses and got a free pair of prescription sunglasses which was a bonus. They will be ready in 2 weeks.

I also went to my first 2 physio classes this week, which absolutely exhausted me. Honestly there just isn’t a word for how tired I was on thursday evening! They even made me get on an exercise bike for 2 mins. I think getting up onto the actual thing was harder than doing the cycling!! Obviously I didn’t have any resistance on or anything but that is a lot harder exercise than I have done for a long time.

They say it takes 6 weeks for your muscles to actually benefit from the exercise but I am already seeing little improvements. I now do the stairs myself for when I have a bath and its definitely taking less time.

So apart from that, I have been like a Zombie and just wanted to sleep all week! The good news is that I am sleeping quite well and I haven’t even had any morphine for a few days! Long may it last….

Today is the first day I have woken up and felt I have the energy to get my computer out and do my blog, although I do have chest pain today (but you can’t have everything hey?!).

So, think that’s it for now, will get back to lazing about with Phil for the afternoon! 🙂 xxx