Saturday 17th September

17 Sep

Hi everyone,

It’s Kim typing, Kerry is still on the mend but I am here with her so she will be dictating the update!

Got a lot to catch up on- we’ll start on the 30th August with Kerry’s trip to the Brompton hospital in London- this is the lung specialist hospital she was seen at before Harefield. The local physios in Surrey had written to the Brompton suggesting that Kerry went back for a review, as the summer had been a bit of a struggle. So the Brompton took Kerry in for a 5 day assessment and a trial on the NIV (non invasive ventilator) also known as BiPAP. Kerry thinks that this has been mentioned before on her blog previously- The BiPAP is a step before being completely ventilated and benefits the body by giving it a rest over night by doing some of the hard work for you. To cut a long story short, the trial went well and although Kerry hates it, she is sleeping on it every night, hopefully in time this will make less interrupted sleeping patterns and more energy during the day. On Friday 2nd September, the Brompton let Kerry home, what she didn’t realise was that a bug left for home with her!

That weekend, Phil’s mum Claire came over specially to see Kerry which was so kind of her and it was lovely for Kerry to see her but she was very tired on the Saturday and then had an awful night with no sleep, extreme breathlessness, a racing pulse and severe headache and nausea. During the course of Sunday it just got worse and on the Sunday evening the ambulance was called for again. Kerry would like to say a massive thank you to Jane and Jim (and of course Phil as well) for looking after her so well over this weekend and sorry for scaring everyone!

Kerry was then admitted to St Peters hospital in the high dependency unit with what they decided was a nasty hospital acquired infection and was put on very strong medication, Kerry describes this as not her most enjoyable week which was a shame as it was the week that Grandma had flown over to see her. Kerry was allowed home on Thursday 8th September, which was pretty early but was just in time for Grandma’s last evening here and they had a lovely time.

Since then, Kerry has been extremely tired but improving slowly. She went back to physio this week and they were pleased with her, given how ill she’d been the week before- She managed to walk 70 metres which is 20 metres more than last time.

This week Kerry finally had a week with Disney and Dad has been here whilst mum is having a well-deserved break in Greece. Dad has been looking after Kerry well and managed to acquire the nickname “Geof the chef” amongst Jane’s friends following a couple of impressive meals.

It’s lovely being here with Kerry this weekend and she’s looking really well. Disney was picked up by ‘Geof the chef’ this morning to return to Jersey and by the looks of things last night had certainly been making herself comfortable at hotel Pierson! Phil comes over tomorrow for the whole week. Kerry is looking forward to a quiet week of trying to keep her weight up (which luckily did not drop much at all in the recent hospital spell).

Kerry will update the blog shortly with some pictures, however for now would look to leave you with a challenge…… her male wheelchair needs a name so suggestions are welcome.

Lots of Love

Kerry and Kim xxx


4 Responses to “Saturday 17th September”

  1. jolefeuvre September 18, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    Hey ladies,
    It’s great to hear an update….Kerry keep the hard week – you are doing so well and appear to be keeping strong through all these bugs 🙂
    Hopefully you will be strong enough for a ctach up soon….it’s been forever 😛
    But for now….how about ‘Boris’ or ‘Roger’ or ‘Walter’???? 😛 xxxx

  2. Mim September 19, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Hi Kerry

    What a time you have had and as usual you soldier on through it…..your amazing 🙂 And thank you to Kim for the up-date. So glad to hear you are on the mend and your weight is staying up. I have been thinking about a name for your new man chair and I suggest Brad, Johnny, Leonardo or George! No guessing where I have got these four from :)!! Thought that when you need to sit in your chair you may as well imagine it’s a nice movie stars knee (sorry Phil!!) I look forward with interest and intrigue as to what you decide on. I do like Boris though…sounds like a strong pair of wheels are attached!!!! Thinking of you loads….everyday and we all send you loads of love Kerry. Stay strong and calm 🙂
    Mim Trev Dylan & Zak xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Anonymous September 19, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Hi Kerry,

    It’s good to hear of your recovery from the latest spell in hospital and well done for surviving the NIV trial. You have such stamina, it’s amazing! I’m wondering what distinguishes a ‘male’ wheelchair from a female or sexless one? Or are you viewing it as a companion for your walking frame?! I would favour an abbreviation of Walter…Wally!Thanks for taking the time to update us all, Kim, and I look forward to hearing about your new job some time.

    (Apologies if this has posted twice.)

    Jackie xx

  4. Ying Ying September 20, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    What about wheelie? Is there a prize for the best name?!

    sorry I’ve only just logged on to check up on you. no wonder its been a bit quite on FB!

    Continue to stay positive and keep with the weight gain program!

    Kim: thank you for the updates and hope the job is going well.

    Missing you & catch up soon

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