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A little update…

31 Oct

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on Kerry’s behalf. Unfortunately the past few weeks for Kerry have been full of hospital admissions. Most recently it has been her exhaustion and lack of sleep which has provoked concern and which was why she was admitted last week to St Peters hospital. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, she still did not manage to get any decent sleep and being there was running the risk of her picking up further infection. Therefore, on Saturday Kerry returned here to Jane’s with me and Mum and again has had 2 very restless nights full of discomfort she is just exhausted and needs sleep. This morning Mum called the respiratory team at St Peters for advice and they have contacted the Brompton Hospital in London. It has now been decided that Kerry will be admitted to the Brompton later in the week (probably on Thursday) in the hope that they will be able to help her.

She’s really grateful of all the texts and kindness however she just does not have the energy at the moment to reply or to blog, however hopefully will be back to her usual self again as soon as possible. As always she’s being incredibly brave and soldiering on as best as she can.

Love Kim xxx


Home again…

11 Oct

Tuesday 11th October 

Hey all, Sorry for silence, I am just back from another stint on HDU in St Peters hospital with a chest infection. Had one scary first night but thankfully have seemed to recover fairly well after that. I went in on Thursday evening having been ill for a few days, via ambulance (had my first blue light and siren experience! Hopefully not one I will be repeating). Am pleased to be back home now for rest, relaxation and recuperation and more waiting for that call….

Although I am yet to actually hear about it all, Grandma’s funeral on Friday went well, it was a lovely service and she had the send off she deserved. Thank you for all your kindness, it all means a lot. 
Things are still sinking in, I miss her very much.

Will blog properly when feeling better in a few days but just want to say a huge thank you to my mum’s friend Karen who has been an absolute star helping me and phil out this week and looking after me while everyone has been in Jersey xxx

Thank you from Kerry

8 Oct

Hey all,

Just a quick message from Kerry….

All thoughts and prayers for her and her family over the past few days have been gratefully received – thank you so much 🙂

She will be back in touch as soon as she can.

Luv Jo (on behalf of Kerry) xx

Monday 3rd October 2011

3 Oct

Firstly a word of warning for all you ‘criers’ out there reading my blog…. You will probably need tissues for this one!

It has been an incredibly sad week and it would be fair to say my family are all in shock still; the news has not quite sunk in.

My wonderful Grandma passed away last Monday (26th September) having been poorly in hospice for approximately 24 hours. She had been ill for some time but she certainly was not planning to leave us quite so quickly.

Last week she had a completely normal week- even went on a day trip to the UK to attend a friend’s funeral and she was out playing and (winning) bridge on Saturday night. By Sunday evening, she was deeply unconscious and just slipped peacefully away on Monday afternoon with most of her close family around her.

It has all just happened so incredibly fast, and especially being stuck away from Jersey and all the family, it is difficult to place everything in my head and believe what has happened. Her funeral is Friday 7th October, I just wish I was able to go.

There isn’t much I can say that will do her justice except that Grandma was such a wonderfully brave and strong woman. During the last couple of years, particularly since I have been ill too, we had become pretty close and I will miss her so much. She was always full of courage and optimism- right to the end. If I can be half the person she was, then I’m fairly sure I will get through whatever else life has to throw at me!

She is my role model and I cannot let these lungs beat me- as I will be doing it for her.

I could talk forever about Grandma but sometimes less is more…. And I will leave you with a couple of my favourite pictures:

At Jane's party

One of my favourite pics of Grandma- wearing her Easter bonnet! 🙂

At Mum's 50th party

At our wedding in 2010.

Mum and Grandma at our wedding, both looking lovely.

With Aunty Jane and Sue (L-R)!

I will update on my own situation in a few days.
Love Kerry xxx