Home again…

11 Oct

Tuesday 11th October 

Hey all, Sorry for silence, I am just back from another stint on HDU in St Peters hospital with a chest infection. Had one scary first night but thankfully have seemed to recover fairly well after that. I went in on Thursday evening having been ill for a few days, via ambulance (had my first blue light and siren experience! Hopefully not one I will be repeating). Am pleased to be back home now for rest, relaxation and recuperation and more waiting for that call….

Although I am yet to actually hear about it all, Grandma’s funeral on Friday went well, it was a lovely service and she had the send off she deserved. Thank you for all your kindness, it all means a lot. 
Things are still sinking in, I miss her very much.

Will blog properly when feeling better in a few days but just want to say a huge thank you to my mum’s friend Karen who has been an absolute star helping me and phil out this week and looking after me while everyone has been in Jersey xxx


One Response to “Home again…”

  1. Anne Moodie October 17, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    Glad to know you’re home again. You were very much in our thoughts last weekend. Grandma would have been very happy with all the funeral arrangements & the tributes by Mike & David were wonderful. Lovely to see everyone again in spite of the sad circumstances.
    Much love

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