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Christmas post!

23 Dec

Hi Everyone-Kim again here,

Just a quick update on Kerry’s brilliant progress before Christmas! She is doing so so well…….

Trachy out completely, chest sounds clear and no oxygen. Both drains out – waiting for CXR to check the right drain which fell out today during physio is safe to be left out. All iv lines should be out by end of today – lots of tablets to swallow and a sad goodbye to her iv paracetamol which she finds so effective.

Physio going well – yesterday she walked to the sink in her room!!! Incredible, first proper steps! Kerry is also happy as she is now wearing her own nightie for the first time today, it was not a sad goodbye to the hospital gowns!

She has to have 2 consecutive, clear nasal swabs before she can stop the horrid nebulisers that take 2 hours. All dressings are off her wounds which are dry and healing well. The doctors and physios are pleased with her progress as are we all!

She is looking forward to Christmas with Phil – a Christmas she didn’t think she’d see – but thanks to the  kindness of the donor and family she has an exciting future to look forward to. Kerry is reading the blog when she can and has said that she is overwhelmed by all the comments and kind words, they really do help!

Lastly, Kerry, Phil and the family would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Lots of Love

Kim xxxx


Kerry’s Progress

19 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Kim again here! Edgar and I had a lovely weekend going to visit Kerry- it was so great to see her and hear her speak again! As we arrived in the room Kerry greeted us with a big smile and then announced ‘really sorry but I have some jobs for you!’ It was at this point we knew instantly that our good old wonderful sister was back! It is unbelievable how far she has come in this short amount of time and how well she is doing. We had  a great time catching up, discussing the events of the last month, future plans and decorating her room to make it nice and festive. She is loving all the cards full of kind and encouraging words and they are all up on the notice board for her to see whilst she is resting. 

Kerry is still having physio daily which is still a struggle but she is trying her best. She is standing up, with the aid of the machine. Unfortunately this week she had contracted a virus which was making everything harder and making her feel unwell. She had a bad headache and is still experiencing abdominal pain. They had noticed that she also had a bit of fluid in her lungs and yesterday they were unsure whether or not to drain this out or leave it to Kerry to get rid of. I was informed by Mum today that a chest drain has been put in her right side which removed a lot of fluid and will help her with the physio- however is extremely sore. Poor Kerry! Although this is not nice for Kerry (especially after everything she has been through) the doctors are not too worried and explained that this happens. They think the virus was bought in from the outside so either one of the nurses or a visitor (although she hasn’t had many), so quite unlucky! She had a temperature on Friday, however this had gone down on Saturday and she was on very strong nebs 3 times a day for 2 hours and antibiotics.

Kerry wanted me to particularly mention that she could not be more grateful for her new lungs, to all the staff at the hospital and most importantly to her donor and her donor’s family (as are we all), it is quite overwhelming. 

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported us and Kerry via texts, emails, kindness, cards- it is much appreciated by all of us. Mum and Dad have also had quite a few requests to take things to Kerry (especially over Christmas), whilst this is very kind it can be quite hard with weight allowances on flights. Also the room Kerry is in does not have much space and the surfaces are all full of medication, drugs and other necessities. So whilst it is a very kind thought, it’s not the best time at the moment, however we can always find place for the cards 🙂 

Love Kim xxx

14th December

14 Dec

Hi Everyone…..

It’s Kim here. Phil has been doing such a good job of keeping everyone well updated, he got back on the boat yesterday after spending 2 weeks with Kerry in Harefield and I know that she will have loved having him there for so long! 

I have spoken to Mum and there have been a few updates today which Kerry wanted on her blog. She is now in E Ward which is brilliant (a lot sooner than we originally thought) which speaks volumes of her progress in itself. She has had a busy day today- her catheter, cvp artery line and nasal feeding tube have all been removed! Her trachi tube has also been swapped for a much smaller one and they hope to take this out completely in the next few days. She just now has one IV line in her arm and all of her monitors are now off. She has gone down to 1 litre of oxygen a day and therefore is pretty much completely breathing on her own (again the plan is to get this to none very soon). 

Mum informed me that she is doing very well however has a very uncomfortable/bloated stomach so this is causing her discomfort. The doctors have advised that the physio is crucial at this time and she must push herself to really work with the physios as much as she can. She is incredible and we’re all so proud of her. Tom went to visit her at the beginning of this week Edgar & I are going this weekend and we cannot wait to see her!! 

A lot of people have been asking me if they can send things/cards to Kerry- I have been informed that she is now on ‘E Ward’ at Harefield so cards can be sent there (sorry to not be more specific). Again, Kerry and the family are so grateful for all of your well wishes and thoughts and I know she’ll be back to blogging in no time!


Love  Kim xxxxx

Great news update!

10 Dec

Hi all, Phil again!

I’ve worked out how to authorise your comments so they should now appear on the blog so sorry for the delays. Kerry doing really well and is now breathing without the aid of any machines. She is talking through a speaking valve in her throat which is difficult but they are looking to remove the tube on Monday and also move Kerry into E ward!!!!!

Tom is here on Monday so will be able to see Kerry without tubes and speaking / breathing normally which is amazing progress and for Kerry the hard work with the physio’s will then begin.

The next update will hopefully now be made by Kerry from the ward! Thank you all for all of your comments and continued support, Phil

Latest news

6 Dec

Hi all, Kerry still doing really well and working hard with the physio’s and has stood up the last few days so is getting stronger and stronger. Kerry is also working hard on the machine below the ventilator (ce-pap) which she has to do all of the work which is very tiring for her and also a bit uncomfortable. Drs all very happy with her progress and they are looking to reduce the support further and there is a chance that they could change the tube later today which will enable her to talk, which is great altho I think there’s 3 weeks of nagging about to come my way!

All in all very positive and the progress is slow but consistent and hopefully the next post can be made by Kerry!

Little update

1 Dec

Kerry still doing really well and typed a little message on the iPad for everyone:-

“Hello from Kerry!.still can’t do much but happy to still be here

Kerry xxx”