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18 Weeks

22 Mar

Hello, I’m sorry for the complete neglect of my blog, I have been so busy the last few weeks and time has gone so quickly. I can’t believe that tomorrow it has already been 4 months since my transplant. I feel like I have achieved so much in that time and am so enjoying being normal again.

My last blog was on 21st February and I will give you a ‘quick’ synopsis of my life for the last month! I’m afraid this is going to be a long read- I have a lot to tell you!

I have enjoyed starting to catch up with people who live near me in the UK and going to see their houses etc. It’s so easy now without worrying about oxygen cylinders and tubes etc… all I have to remember is to take my pills… and maybe a snack! ☺

Phil took me to clinic on 27th February which was fairly uneventful, tests were all good, my white blood cell count was down so they amended medication and also took some extra blood to check for vitamin deficiencies, the results of which will take a few weeks to come back. No problems anyway and cleared me to go 2 weeks until the next appointment which was brilliant as it meant I could extend my Jersey trip slightly.

On 28th February Phil and I took the all day boat back to Jersey. We had to leave home at 5am which was so early especially after a busy clinic day on the Monday. It was good though as it meant I was tired and so I slept nearly all day for the whole boat journey. I managed not to take any anti sickness pills at all as it was a really lovely calm day.

Welcome home 🙂

I absolutely loved my week back in Jersey, I have missed it so much and the weather was beautiful. It was great to be back with Phil and of course Disney. She was so pleased to see me and followed me around everywhere the whole week. She usually only has eyes for Phil but wasn’t interested in him at all- just mummy ☺ Phil and I had a very normal week, he unfortunately had to work but it gave me plenty of time to enjoy being at home on my own (something I haven’t done for years). I packed as much into my short trip as I possibly could, managing to see all our family and a few close friends. Also met some new (ish) babies who have appeared since I left Jersey and that was lovely, especially to be strong enough to have a cuddle. I had a much-needed hair cut and my first evening meal out. I also managed to see all my brothers and sister’s houses that I hadn’t been able to visit before. I am really annoyed at myself as I carried my camera everywhere but forgot to take many pictures.

I went to see my Grandma’s house which was really quite sad. Her house has always been a second home to us, we spent so much time there as children and I have lived there 3 times… but it really doesn’t feel the same anymore, it feels so empty without her. It was a harsh reminder of everything that has happened that I didn’t really acknowledge at the time. Its only now as I start to get well again that everything is sinking in. I miss her so much- and I feel really cross that I didn’t get the chance to help and look after her, the way she did with me- I have all the time in the world now that I could have sat with her etc. Anyway, I guess that’s the way life goes, I know how pleased she will be with me these days.

I started driving which was wonderful and gave me some long awaited independence. Unfortunately poor Mum caught a cold so I wasn’t able to see her much but I think that was good for me as it forced me to try things like the driving that I could easily have managed but might not have attempted had Mum been around to do things for me. Disney and I went on our first walk together on our own, she was so good and didn’t pull on the lead too much.

Tired out after her walk with Mummy!

I had my bridesmaid dress fitting for Kim’s wedding which is getting close now- I’m so excited about it ☺ The highlight of my trip though had to be a family meal we had at my parents house with my siblings and their partners. It was such a fun, lovely evening and just felt so good to be together with everything to look forward to as a family.

Phil brought me back on the overnight boat on the 8th March which again went really smoothly. The boat cabins are brilliant- I just slept the whole way and didn’t feel sick at all. Phil went back to Jersey on the Saturday and unfortunately I caught a horrid cold. I felt really rotten for a few days but it did clear up pretty quickly and didn’t affect my lovely lungs at all.

New toy- a goodbye present from Mummy

Mum came back on the Sunday to take me to clinic on the Monday and also to stay as Jane and Jim went away skiing for the week.

Clinic on the 12th March, apart from being a really long tedious day (we waited 4 hours to see the doctor!) went really well. I was expecting to be told things didn’t look so good given I had the cold, but in fact my lung function was up to a brilliant 75% and everything looked really good. The blood results that were a bit off last time had sorted themselves out and basically the doctors are still really pleased with me. I almost got my hands on the home spirometry kit although had it taken away again as there was no one to show me how to use it by the time we had finished with the doctor, I just hope they still have some next week! The only annoying thing was I have a very sore ingrowing toe nail. It doesn’t look infected at the moment but I do need to get it sorted out. Any little things like this need to be sorted and not left after transplant, as they can lead to nasty infections that your immune system cant fight.

Last week was pretty busy too. I had a baking day on the Tuesday and made a proper home-made Lasagne and also a Victoria sandwich cake. I was very pleased with my efforts but was exhausted by the end of the day. It was my sister’s birthday on the 16th and also Andy’s (her fiancé) the day before so hope they had a great time celebrating (it sounds like they did!).

My Cake 🙂

On Thursday I went down to Salisbury to stay with my other Aunt, Sue and my cousin Laura for the weekend. We had such a lovely time together and I was completely spoilt. Lots of fresh air and walks. I even stroked her horses! I was particularly proud of my 1.1 mile walk around her village which included quite a steep hill, and I talked the whole way round (no surprises there then!). We had a couple of very successful girly shopping trips and I was very privileged to be at the final of Laura’s talent contest, she was in a dance group that came third. I was very impressed. It was also my latest night out for a long long time and I had my first glass of wine! Sue has a lovely young dog Rafiki, who although is very strong and I had to be careful around her, she was so friendly and I enjoyed my doggy cuddles- she was a good Disney substitute.


Me and Laura

Me and Sue

I came back to Walton on Sunday and my other cousins James and Jacob were at home for mothers day which was good. Jacob stayed overnight and we had a ‘play day’ on Monday. It was fun to have some company and we coloured pictures and played on the wii. Can you believe my wii fit age is 28???!!! I nearly fell off the board in shock- I thought it was going to say 80 or something! And no I didn’t cheat- Jacob was watching. I have stepped up my exercise and walking so it must be paying off. My plan now is to go on the wii fit everyday. Jacob has his magic power over me- for some reason whenever he is around I sleep like a baby and can’t stop, so I managed to get a few very satisfactory naps in too ☺

Mine and Jacob's hard work!

So that brings me up to this week, unfortunately I seem to have done a bit much and have been very tired and also had a bad back and heavy feeling chest. So I am taking it easy this week and resting a bit more. I am making my way through all the series of House, Leanne has kindly let me all her dvds and also enjoying some reading time. I have discovered Sainsburys online and home delivery which is a great way to be lazy and get your shopping! I’ve also ordered a pedometer so I can see how far I am walking. They always ask me in clinic what distances I can manage and I don’t have a clue how to judge it.

This weekend Mum and Kim are off to Cardiff for a wedding dress fitting and then they are staying here on the way back so that will be nice. I am also seeing the Dingles- my Uncle, Aunt and cousins which will be lovely. On a sad note, this weekend it has been a year since Lily, our family dog, died aged 14. She was so lovely and we all miss her. Phil isn’t coming over this weekend as it is Oliver’s christening, I’m really sad not to be able to go, but at least I have met him! I hope they all have a lovely day. I wont have seen Phil for 3 weeks when I see him next weekend which is far too long. 2 weeks is a pain but acceptable but not 3 so I have decided to come back to Jersey again over Easter. It is our 2nd wedding anniversary on Easter Monday and last years I spent in Intensive care so it will be nice to actually celebrate this one. Then Phil is off to Vegas on a stag do so will be another couple of weeks until I see him again. I have to wait for the all clear at clinic on Monday before I book my trip back though.

Lovely Lily

Generally, I am feeling so well and really starting to live a normal life. I am doing nearly everything for myself- washing, tidying etc. I still need to be careful what I lift though and make sure I do get enough rest if I am tired. I’m still suffering with sore feet and legs but my tummy and sickness have vastly improved. I have put on loads of weight and have pretty much reached my ideal weight already, I am 46kg. The only trouble is I am so used to eating whatever I want now and need to start cutting down! I have got my tablets down to a much more manageable amount now and don’t dread them quite the same way anymore. I feel like things are falling into place nicely and I just really hope they stay this way.

Well that is more than enough talking from me, although I’m sure I will have forgotten something! I hope you are all well and I’m looking forward to catching up with more of you as time goes on.

Love Kerry xx


I’m back!

13 Mar

Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I have been so busy!

Just a quick note to say all is well, I’m back in the uk now and will write a proper blog in the next few days to tell you everything I have been up to!

Love Kerry xx