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22 Weeks

17 Apr

Hi everyone, once again I have been a bit slack on the blogging front, but I have been really busy! Also my laptop died last week so wasn’t able to do much online but my kind Uncle has temporarily patched it up until I can get a new one.

I do have some more photos to add to this blog but I can’t put them on at the moment unfortunately but will do so soon. Have updated the photos now!

So as usual I will take you through the last few weeks and everything I have been up to ☺

Clinic on 26th March went well, all looked good and they gave me 3 weeks until my next clinic appointment which I was pleased with. A few medication changes and not much else to report!

That week I went back to St Peters (my local hospital) and had a gym session with Laura, one of the lovely physios there which was exhausting but went really well. She gave me exercises to get stuck into and I will go back soon to mark my progress. I did a bleep test where they chart how far you can walk within a set time, last time I did level 1- 40m and this time I got to level 9 and 270m so a massive improvement ☺ One of the consultants who had looked after me a number of times when I was so ill came down specially to say hello and see how I was doing which was so nice of him.

That weekend Phil came over and we took a trip on the train to London to celebrate Leanne and Minnie’s 30th birthdays. We had a lovely evening and I was so pleased to be there- it was my first night out in a very long time and such a lovely occasion to be at. We also all got into the spirit and dressed up as Alice in Wonderland fancy dress! Phil and I stayed in London that night close to the venue and we walked back to the hotel (only a few minutes away) after midnight. I managed it all really well although was horrified by the size of my swollen feet when I got back! It was my first time in heels for a few years too!

Ready to go out for the first time in years!!

The King and Queen of Hearts!

One birthday Alice- Minnie and her husband Arnaud!

The other Birthday Alice- Leanne and her husband Donald.

Me as the Red Queen and Jo as the White Rabbit

Suzie and Matt Aka Mad Hatter!

The 2 white Queens- Suzie and Verity

Then on the Sunday it was time to head back to Jersey ☺ We went on the afternoon fast boat which I wasn’t overly keen on as you don’t get a nice cabin to lie down in but it was fine. It was fairly calm and no problems.

I had a lovely but very busy week in Jersey, didn’t stop all week! I really enjoyed some lovely walks on the beach with Disney (that was one of my main aims for after transplant) and the weather was lovely for most of the week. I went to see my Jersey GP and show off how well I was and he was very pleased to see me.
I took Disney to have her first proper hair cut and she looks so cute- she came home with a pretty bow in her hair and everything!

Disney's Hair cut!

Pretty Disney 🙂

My sister Kim went off on her hen do to the Algarve and had an amazing time. I was really sad not to be able to go but I went down to the airport to see her off (9am- that’s sisterly love!) and was so pleased as her lovely friends had ordered me a special ‘Kim’ t-shirt so I wasn’t left out ☺

Hen Party t shirt

and the back!

I really enjoyed catching up with some friends and family again- just sad I couldn’t fit more people in though but there will be plenty of opportunities. I loved spending time in my home and did lots of baking:

Easter day, Phil and I surprised my mum and went to her St Peters church. It was lovely to meet everyone who has been so kind and praying for me. Thank you. We then went to Phil’s parents house for a lovely family lunch and the annual Easter Egg hunt ☺

Special Easter Bone!

Easter Monday it was the Dingle Easter lunch which was really nice although sad to have a few absences because of coughs and colds ☹ Easter Monday was also our 2nd wedding anniversary and lovely to be together this year. We celebrated by going on a gale force wind boat crossing overnight back to the UK! We did go out for a lovely dinner though to an Italian restaurant in Weybridge the next night before Phil left for Vegas the next morning and I slept for the rest of the week!

Off out to dinner

This weekend it was Aunty Sue’s birthday and she and Laura came up for lunch. We all ate an enormous amount of food and had a lovely day. I made her birthday cake, which was coffee cake with maltesers and mini eggs, as requested by the birthday girl ☺

Sue and her cake!

The Champagne we had been saving 🙂

Yesterday we were back at clinic and everything was looking prefect. Lung function all good, x rays unchanged, bloods all stable and no medication changes and the Doctor moved me to monthly reviews. I discussed my plans with him about spending more time in Jersey now and he felt it was a sensible plan ☺ So all being well, I will be here in the UK for the next month until my next appointment on 14th May and then I will be going to Jersey for the next month, which will cover my sisters hen do and wedding nicely ☺ I met some lovely people in clinic yesterday including Graham from Jersey and another man William who is 18 years post transplant! Was lovely to see how successful these operations can be. The doctor told me that I am now on basically the bare minimum medication that a Transplant recipient will ever be on so I should make the most of it as it will only increase! I counted this morning and I’m on between 25 and 28 pills a day, depending on what day it is.

Mum is over this week and we have a few family and friends to see before she goes home on Thursday. Not much going on apart from that for the next week or two- I’m really into watching “House” at the moment. I had never really seen it before but Leanne lent me the first 5 series on DVD and I’m up to series 4 now! It’s amazing how many illnesses and situations that I have had crop up on that program- and there is quite a lot of transplant story lines too. Apparently there is even an episode on EDS (the genetic illness I have) but I have yet to come across that one!

So enough rambling from me- hope everyone had a nice Easter and hopefully catch up with more of you soon.

Love Kerry xxx