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Looking for work!

26 Jun

Hi everyone,

The time has come for me to start thinking about doing some work and earning some money. Unfortunately I’m not yet ready to commit to a proper part time job so I’m looking for some adhoc admin work but not really sure how to find it! If anyone knows of anything I would be really grateful. I’m qualified and hard working, anything considered!

Thanks very much


A Hen Do, A Ball A Royle Wedding and a Party!

16 Jun

Hi everyone, it feels like a long time since my last blog but it has gone so fast because I have been so busy! I have had the most wonderful few weeks, with such exciting events and I have enjoyed every minute. I could talk forever about all the different things I have done but will try and keep it short!

I am now 30 weeks post transplant, (my 6 month anniversary was the 23rd May) and I am feeling great. I just can’t believe it. I am doing everything that this time last year I could only dream of. I just can’t begin to describe how happy and grateful I am.

I am still improving and still have some way to go in terms of stamina and energy and there of course are numerous side effects from the medication which hopefully will subside with time but these are just small things you can easily live with and I really can’t complain.

Jubilee Monday- our little family!

So I have had 2 clinic appointments since I last blogged and everything is looking really good. My lung function is great- I’m now up to 89% FEV1 and the doctors are really pleased with it. X rays and bloods are all perfect and my walking and exercise is really coming on (I think the dog walks everyday are really helping). I’m no longer anemic so am down to just 1 iron tablet a day which is good as these are quite hard on your tummy! I asked about working and they said I can start trying little bits of admin or something very small so that’s my plan for the next few months. I’m next due in clinic in 6 weeks time and then after that I can go to 2 monthly appointments which will be brilliant as the travelling is rather annoying and expensive! Dad has taken me over for the last 2 trips and it has been really nice to spend the time together on our road trips! The second one was quite lengthy as our boat to UK got cancelled so we ended up on the boat to France and driving to the channel tunnel! It worked out really well as the weather was shocking and it meant we only had 1 hour on the rough sea 

When I first arrived back in Jersey, the first weekend was Kim’s hen do. Us bridesmaids decided on a theme “A Royal Occasion” (for those of you who don’t know- my sister is now Mrs. Royle!) We found lots of good decorations from the jubilee events and we all had a great time. We went cupcake decorating in the afternoon and then a meal and drinks at Wildfire restaurant. I was so pleased to be there and joining in although I did leave the younger ones to it when they went clubbing after the meal!

The cupcake decorators!

Kim and Nana

Kim, Mum and me enjoying some bubbly!

The hen and her cakes

My cupcakes 🙂

A Royal Occasion!

Me and Kim at Wildfire

The next weekend was a charity ball to raise awareness of Ecmo. This is the life support treatment I was on before my transplant. It is basically a lung bypass machine but is a very new treatment for adults (it was previously only used on premature babies). The ball was organized by the Warren family whose daughter Philippa was on an Ecmo machine last year. Her story is very different to mine but the end result was thankfully just as happy and they wanted to raise funds for the Intensive care unit in Jersey and Glenfield Hospital in Leicester which is the center of Ecmo in the UK. It was such a lovely evening, organized really well and I have now heard it raised £4,500 which is wonderful. I really enjoyed meeting the Warren family too- Philippa and I are the only Channel Islanders to have had this experience so it’s really nice to get to know each other.

Me and Phil at the Ecmo Ball

Me with Zena and Philippa Warren

Then it was time for the event we were all working towards- one of the main reasons I kept fighting for- to be at my sister’s wedding! Kim and Andy (now Mr. and Mrs. Royle ) had the most wonderful day. Everything was just perfect and my sister looked absolutely stunning. It was so lovely having all the family together in Jersey and celebrating. I kept going from 7am until 12.30 am and couldn’t bear to go for a nap and miss anything! I did sleep for a whole day afterwards! It was such an honour to be Kim’s Maid of Honour and I enjoyed every minute. They are a very special couple and I know they will be very happy together. They are currently having an amazing time in Mexico and I’m very jealous!! I could say lots more but I think I will just post some pictures….

Evening before the wedding

The Beautiful Bride 🙂

The Bridal party

The Dingles

The Bride and Groom

The Bride and her bridesmaids

The Dingle and Royle Families


Husbands do come in handy and thanks Clare for helping! 🙂

First dance

Cutting the cake

Phil and me (getting tired now!)

I did manage to injure myself just before the wedding which was not the best idea. I somehow got hit pretty hard in the chest by a door… after a few days of being in pain when I breathed, I was slightly worried I might have damaged my lung so I decided I had better call Harefield expecting them to tell me not to be so silly. However they took it very seriously and sent me straight to the doctor and suggested an x-ray. A bit of a performance but all turned out ok and my x-rays look fine and the pain has now gone!

Last weekend I was back in the UK ready for clinic on Monday and it was my cousin Jacob’s 22nd birthday party. In true Jacob style he decided to have an adult bouncy castle and I certainly made the most of my new lungs. It was quite surreal jumping around on the bouncy castle remembering exactly a year ago when I moved to the UK so poorly and completely dependent on oxygen. What a difference a year makes! 

Birthday boy in action!

James and Sean showing off their skills!

Pass the parcel

Me, Jacob and Clare

Very pleased with myself 🙂

Jane and I “supervising” musical chairs!

Aunty Jane, Mum and I also went for a lovely spa afternoon at a really posh 5 star spa. It was great, I didn’t go for a swim as I’m not allowed to yet but we had a delicious afternoon tea and I had a facial. It was a real treat 

I have updated the photos on the last few blogs too. Sorry it has taken so long- my internet connection at home is rubbish!

I’m now back at home and starting normal life and cant wait to catch up with everyone properly so please get in touch with me 

Love Kerry xxx