Life begins at 30!

30 Aug

Well I’m not really sure where to start- all I can say is I had the most fantastic birthday weekend ever I think! I have been totally spoilt and loved every minute of it- I think I can definitely get used to being 30 if this is what it’s like!!

Lee-Anne and Dylan’s wedding was just lovely on Saturday, all went so well despite the weather forecast which was actually kind to them at the main points of the day and everyone had such a great time at their special day. The bride looked absolutely stunning- as you can see from my photos!

The lovely Bride and Groom

Beautiful bridesmaids 🙂

It was really good to spend some time with friends that I hadn’t seen for quite a long time and have a good catch up. I even had a dance at the wedding- haven’t done that for years!!

Sunday was my 30th birthday, my lovely husband spoilt me with lots of presents when I woke him up at 7.30am (I’m still such a child when it comes to birthdays!) and my main present was a beautiful tanzanite ring ☺ I had dropped a little hint that I would love one but Phil chose me a really stunning one and its very special!

We then went to the Gunsite café for breakfast with my great friend Jo who had turned 30 the day before me- we had a celebratory birthday breakfast together before Phil and I went off to a christening. We did look a bit silly all dressed up smart in the beach café but nevermind!!

Birthday Girls! 🙂

The christening was lovely. Massi Hamilton was baptized at St Georges Church, his gorgeous big sister Raffi is my God-daughter so it was lovely to see her too and all the family. Wish we could have stayed longer after the service but unfortunately it was a busy day fitting everything in.

I then came home to have my hair done and get ready for the evening while Phil went off to the hotel to get everything ready for the evening. I didn’t even have time for my nap I had planned! Phil had given me an invite for the party when I woke up in the morning to I knew where I was going now and that the theme was “Diamonds and Tiaras”- very me!

Ready for my party

Me and my brother Tom

The party was at the Radisson Hotel on the Waterfront, in their suite at the top of the hotel with huge glass windows overlooking the bay- it was really beautiful. We had a lovely dinner with some gorgeous cupcakes for pudding- all specially decorated. Then some of us that were left decided to be really mature and had a big mass balloon fight- it was such fun! Suddenly then everyone became very tired (none of us are young anymore!) and then Phil and I had a suite overnight with the same amazing view as the party room, followed by a huge yummy breakfast the next day.

My special cakes

The rest of Monday was spent firmly placed on the sofa doing absolutely nothing!

Thank you so much to everyone for all your kind texts, calls, messages, emails, gifts, cards etc- you are all so kind and have made my birthday really special. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family- and of course Phil ☺

This week I am trying to rest as I am back to the UK at the weekend for my next Harefield check up on Monday. Im really hoping that they will start to lower my steroid doses this time and all being well maybe I wont have to go back for a month maybe- fingers crossed!

Phil started his new job on Tuesday which so far is going really well and it’s time to start getting into a more normal routine after basically a lovely long summer holiday really!

This weekend I really feel like I have come full circle-

The Wedding on Saturday was the first time in absolutely years that I have gone out and just completely enjoyed myself, without worrying about inhalers, oxygen, breathing, not panicking, how I’m going to get home, what if I get too tired etc! It is just wonderful to behave like a normal person- and its only now I realize I’ve never really experienced that- even before when I thought I was ok!

Secondly, the wedding was also at La Hague Manor, nearly 4 years ago, I went to another friends wedding there and really struggled with my breathing. It was the first time I actually felt scared by it and realized that I really wasn’t well at all. So to be back at the same venue, feeling so good and happy was just amazing.

I’ll update you all on clinic next week but bye for now! ☺ xxx

3 Responses to “Life begins at 30!”

  1. Jane Le Marchand August 30, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    So pleased that you are enjoying life so much. Well done, Kerry.Please keep the blogs coming as I’ll always be interested to know how you are doing.Jane le M.

  2. Aunty Maria. September 1, 2012 at 1:01 pm #

    Great update, thank you.
    When are you going to start your book?!!1

  3. Alexandra Egre September 1, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

    Wonderful update 🙂 Brilliant to hear how well you’re doing and to hear how much you are achieving now – the progress that you have made is truly amazing and I just love your updates documenting it all 🙂 Also love seeing the old gals from school in the pics – lovely! Danny and I are so disappointed not to have made your 30th. We had friends of ours over from the UK that weekend so had to commit to plans we’d made previously with them. Sent an email to Phil explaining this and also that we’d love to meet up with you both for lunch/afternnon tea/dinner and dog walk anytime that you are free. Our crazy social calandar has freed up a good deal now, thank goodness, so let us know a date and we’ll put something in the diary. So much looking forward to seing you, my lovely friend. Til then, take care and lots and lots of love from us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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