Kerry timing at it’s best!!

19 Dec

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have neglected the blog recently despite having so much to update you on! I’m afraid that this post is only going to be a quick post to let you all know I’m a bit poorly at the moment and back in Harefield.

I have been struggling for a couple of weeks on and off with coughs and colds then I started to get worse so I came over to Harefield to be checked by the Doctors here. Things didn’t seem too bad so they sent me home with antibiotics. I stayed the weekend then came home last Tuesday, had my operation on my ingrowing Toe nail on Wednesday and by Thursday was really quite worried about my chest again, my lung function had dropped significantly and I had quite a lot of chest pain. I flew back over to Harefield on Friday and was admitted.

They thought I had RSV (a common childhood respiratory virus, just not as simple in immunosuppressed lung transplant patients!) I had it exactly this time last year, so I know the treatment for it is horrid nebs 6 hours a day. Since Friday I have now tested negative for this virus but have to stay on nebs until I have 2 negative results. I’m hoping the next swab will be today.

Yesterday I had a bronchoscopy. I felt pretty rough all day after the anaesthetic so slept a lot. I will see the doctor today but from what I understand there wasn’t an awful lot to see down there. They did give me a Hoover out as there were some secretions and they took a biopsy. The results will take a few days.

I had hoped that after the bronch my SATs would improve but unfortunately they haven’t but I am in less pain than I was.

All very annoying because we aren’t really sure what we are treating at the moment. I’m gutted to be in here and missing the run-up to Xmas which I was really looking forward to this year. I am however being really well looked after, the Doctors here are being brilliant and doing everything they can to get me out for Christmas. I definitely won’t be in Jersey for Christmas but Aunty Jane and Uncle Jim have kindly invited Phil and I to join them.

I’m being barrier nursed so I’m not allowed out of my room 😦 everyone who comes in here has to wear masks and aprons etc so the nurses all stay away as much as possible. I’m going mad looking at 4 Walls! I do get an ensuite bathroom though ( there are only 2 rooms with this so I’m lucky!).
Jane & Jim visited on Saturday and Dad popped by on Monday seeing as he was in the uk. Il see Phil on Sunday morning which I’m looking forward to.

Will update you when I know what’s going on.

Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas xxx


2 Responses to “Kerry timing at it’s best!!”

  1. Ruth December 19, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Thinking of you and hoping you enjoy Xmas with Jane and Jim xx

  2. Tanya December 19, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    Oh Kerry, what a shame. Wondered why you’d been so quiet! Hope you feel better soon and you and Phil have a great Christmas in England. x

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