Good News!

10 Jan

Hi everyone,

I have been back to Harefield this week (got back to Jersey last night) and all is back on track 🙂

My lung function was much better- hasn’t been this high in clinic since May 2012 so thats great news, the only slight issue was the trace of the spriometry showed there was perhaps still some gunk blocking part of one of my bronchioles but the Drs were not concerned about this given the improvement in the last 2 weeks.

Chest was completely clear with no wheezes and my x ray looked perfect (although nothing showed on that last time so perhaps not the best indicator!).

All blood results were ideal and basically no problems which is a huge relief following the last month or so of illness. It was also great to see my SATs back up to 99%…. was not liking the 92% I was getting a few weeks ago at all!

I explained how awful the Ciprofloxacin had been making me feel and the Dr confirmed that this wasn’t unusual but said I could now stop that drug anyway. She also took me off the other extra meds I have been taking. Now when I take my usual pills I feel like Im hardly taking any!!

The Dr also agreed to chase up my appointment with St Marys Hospital in London re my fundo operation on my stomach. The acid reflux is becoming worse everyday at the moment (hence why I am up writing a blog in the middle of the night!). I was referred at the beginning of October so it’s time I was seen and given an operation date.

So all in all, Im very pleased and the best news of all is that the Dr suggested that a holiday in the sunshine would be a great way to hopefully avoid further germs this winter!! Next clinic is in 6 weeks time, just to make sure that all is still looking good and after that hopefully I can revert to my 3 monthly appointments.

I would also like to say Happy Birthday to my oldest little brother- he is 28 today… makes me feel very old!! Have a great day Tom xx

So that’s my latest news and I will be back in a few days with the catch up from November I have been promising to you lucky readers!!

Love Kerry xx

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