More prayers please

30 Jan

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on little Massi, as I’m afraid I don’t have much information- he is still very poorly in Southampton hospital. We are hoping that the next few days will bring some progress so please keep praying for him and his lovely family.

Whilst I am writing, my lovely friend Kerry who is still hanging on and desperately waiting for her lung transplant will be making a big journey to hospital tomorrow where we are hoping she will be admitted to Harefield to wait for some lungs to come available urgently. Please pray for her and her family, for a smooth journey tomorrow and that she will be on the road to recovery with some new lungs very soon.

There are other friends I have mentioned previously which always need your prayers, particularly my Harefield friend Josie and my Brompton friend Maysa.
I could mention so many more but don’t know where to start or end the list but if you would like me to add your name on my prayer list please let me know- I have some fabulous supporters in prayer from this blog- a huge thank you to all of you.

Lots of love Kerry xxx


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