18 months :-)

23 May

Hello everyone,

Today it is 18 months since my transplant- I really can’t believe it! Time has flown and I am still in awe of the Doctors’ skills and the way my body has healed and started being vaguely normal. My life has pretty much become just like everyone else’s which is something that I never ever thought possible.

Tonight I shall be raising a glass to the most amazing lady who saved my life and her family who I’m sure miss her so much. They are never far from my thoughts.

I have just come back from a check up at Harefield where everything was absolutely great 🙂 I saw Dr Carby and he is very pleased with me. The only bad thing is I do need my stomach operation urgently, it really is essential to get it done before it destroys my lung function that I have worked so hard to maintain. Dr Carby has said we are on borrowed time for this so we will be trying to get this done in Jersey now ASAP rather than waiting for the UK to agree to see me, so fingers crossed with that. I have however been given 6 months until my next clinic check up which I think is the maximum you are ever given 🙂

These lungs are just incredible 🙂

Lots of love Kerry xxxx

2 Responses to “18 months :-)”

  1. Sue Devereux May 23, 2013 at 10:39 am #

    What fantastic news Kerry. WELL DONE x x x

  2. Darren may May 24, 2013 at 5:50 am #

    Well done,18. Months ago must seem like ancient history,keep up the great work..

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