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Operation Time Again!

20 Jul

Hi everyone,

I’m afraid this is just a really quick post to tell you what is happening, hopefully this week while I am in hospital I will get the chance to do a proper blog.

Basically, just over a week ago Southampton Hospital gave me a call and said I can have my stomach operation on monday 22nd! Not much notice- hence the quick blog- I have had a lot to organise this week. I went over to the hospital on thursday for my pre-op assessment which was fine, so I’m off first thing on Monday to have my operation that day.

Please keep all fingers crossed for a speedy recovery with no complications!

Whilst writing, Ned is my mum’s cousin’s little boy (I think he is a second cousin of mine??) and is extremely poorly on life support in the Evelina childrens hospital in London. He is an amazing little boy, he is 4 years old and has just gone through the 3rd major heart operation he has needed since birth. He was born with Hypo-plastic left-heart syndrome and has been such an inspiration in the last 4 years fighting through every tough stage. Unfortunately, this latest op has been incredibly hard on his body and there have been some complications. He is in a critical in ITU.

Please please pray for him and his lovely family- Andy and Clare his parents and his sister Alice and his twin brother Arthur, they have already been through so much.

Lots of love Kerry xxx