The Disney Appreciation Page!!


Too many favourite photos of Disney so have made a special page for her!!

Our baby- Disney!

Disney in the Christmas spirit!

Disney’s arrival


So tiny and sleepy!

Nosey Disney

Daddy's Girl!

Sunbathing on Mummy’s chair!

Naughty puppy!

Disney's favourite colour!

Disney & Daddy working hard!

Disney's Hair cut!

Pretty Disney 🙂

New toy- a goodbye present from Mummy


One Response to “The Disney Appreciation Page!!”

  1. Sue Devereux May 11, 2011 at 12:35 am #

    Hmmm – is that really a pink silk coat with fluffy trim that Disney is wearing? What occasion was that?

    Let me tell you about Rafiki’s new attire. A fluorescent green jacket with a matching collar that has flashing red lights. It is our ‘walking at night’ outfit and I am her accessory complete with a few fluorescent stripes to match 🙂

    Day off tomorrow to catch up on the jobs – hurray. Uh oh, the forecast is for rain

    Lots of love and bye for now

    Sue x x x

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